**NEW** Zeyi – “Push”

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Zeyi – “Push”

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………Coming very soon………

Zeyi interview @ LPZ Media Event

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Check out Zeyi’s interview from LPZ Media’s private screening event last month. Listen closely and hear a snippet of new music from one of his next projects “Red Panda.”

Turn The Bass Up & Download Zeyi’s New Track!

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Download Zeyi’s new track entitled, “Bose In The Back” on his page on the blog…


Dilla Dog (Official Video)!!!

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Check out the new official video for our boys RJ & Technique tribute to J Dilla entitled “Dilla Dog.” Also, check out and download their latest project “Crash Sanaa” (featuring this song) on their bandcamp website.

This Is What It’s Come To?

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Would you rather watch this:

oooooooooooooor this:

I’ll give the nay-sayers three things: 1. I’m comparing MJ & Nique to Birdman, which is ridiculously unfair. 2. I laugh everytime I watch that clip. 3. The ’05 dunk contest that spawned these 12 attempts from Chris Anderson, actually turned into a pretty good one that ended up with this great pic:

However, aside from scattered moments (that included Desmond Mason perfecting the between-the-legs dunk and Vince Cater putting his arm IN the rim), the dunk contests from the last decade pale in comparison to those of the 80’s & 90’s. 

Part of the problem is the gimmicky over-promotion of TNT, Sprite, etc. trying to spice up a weekend that is/has been losing its luster.  NBA All-Star weekend is not the same as it once was.  

The all-star game is one thing, but I remember making sure I was in front of a cable tv to catch the slam dunk contest when I was younger.  It’s gotten to the point, now, where I haven’t watched the last 2 contests, even though I was still in front of a tv.  Thee only reason I will watch the ’11 dunk contest comes in the form of 2 words: BLAKE GRIFFIN

In a dunk contest where the contestants are Blake Griffin, Brandon Jennings, JaVale McGee, & Serge Ibaka he is the only reason to watch the contest, and I think everyone has pretty much permanent markered Blake Griffin in as the winner. Many people who knew close to nothing about the NBA used to tune in specifically for the contest, knowing only a few of the names of the contestants. Most people this year will not recognize the other 3 contestants, and I wouldn’t be surprised if there were a few who didn’t know who Blake Griffin was. Not taking anything away from the contestants, I’ve seen all of them in action. I’ve seen Brandon Jennings in a dunk contest before and he impressed for his size, but didn’t he just have surgery on a broken foot? I guess he was their best option and his foot will be 100% by next month. I’ve seen Serge Ibaka dunk on countless other big men in the league with reckless abandon. And being a Washington Wizards fan, *Skip Bayless sigh,* I’ve seen the best/worst of JaVale McGee and his salute. I’ve seen him roll on countless picks and catch an oop waaaay above the rim or catch a bounce pass and pogo over the rim. But I’ve also seen 7’1″ JaVale try to dunk from the free throw line, down 20 to the Kings, with 14seconds left in the game, and totally botch it. So it is what it is. But, that being said, some players are simply better in-game dunkers than out-of-game dunkers. Case and point being Chris Anderson. It’s creat, and I’m all for creativity and imagination, but be realistically creative and imaginative.

Another reason for the contests’ decline, is the lack of meaning. To be crowned the “Best” dunker in the NBA used to mean something back in the day.  Now you have great players making millions of dollars, in the prime of their careers, who choose not to participate in the contest. All for various reasons; injury, rest, total lack of regard for the well-being of their employer. You know, the usual reasons. The dunk contest has become like my high school football games my senior year. Where none of the students (players) came to actually watch the game, but to look good for the crowd and mingle. But in an era of overly self-indulgent and self-promoting professional sports athletes, with their own tv shows  (airing during a losing season, no less), what more can you expect from these guys. They already physically show up for all of their games, and at least mentally show up for half of them, right?

 I forget where I was going with this, but bottom line I would just like the dunk contest to become relevant again.

Updated Newness

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Check out the page/tab devoted exclusively to Zeyi with an updated bio…


On THEE Way…

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But in the meantime, check this oldie but goodie out:

Working For Bill EP

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“LET’S TURN IT INTO AN EP.”   Check out the “Working For Bill EP” by Zeyi:  

Download ——————————————–>   “WORKING FOR BILL EP” 

The first official video from Zeyi, for the song “Dark Brown Shades.” Off of the mixtape “Working For Bill” …..Check it out, if you haven’t already.